Research Publications of Interest

Wilkening Report

For an overview of UKHTB

Samantha Orr, Jacki Trafford. The Establishment of the UK Human Tissue Bank. ATLA 32 Supplement 1 51-55 2004.

For information about our results evaluating the effect of patient factors on human hepatocyte isolations

Lloyd TD, Orr S, Patel R, Crees G, Chavda S, Vadyar H, Berry DP, Sherlock D, Dennison AR. Effect of patient, operative and isolation factors on subsequent yield and viability of human hepatocytes for research use. Cell Tissue Bank. 2004;5(2):81-7.

For information about Tom Lloyd's MD Research on cryopreservation of hepatocytes

Lloyd TD, Orr S, Berry DP, Dennison AR. Development of a protocol for cryopreservation of hepatocytes for use in bioartificial liver systems. Ann Clin Lab Sci. 2004 Spring ; 34(2):165-74.

For preliminary data on our ECVAM collaboration with Lysiane Richert (France) and Ed Le Cluyse (USA)

Lysiane Richert, Eliane Alexandre, Tom Lloyd, Samantha Orr, Catherine Viollon-Abadie, Rakhee Patel, Shaun Kingston, David Berry, Ashley Dennison, Bruno Heyd, Georges Mantion, Daniel Jaeck. Tissue Collection, transport and isolation procedures required to optimise human hepatocyte isolation from waste liver surgical resections. A multilaboratory study. Liver International 2004 24: 371-378.